We specialize in supplying luxurious pieces that are perfect additions to you photographic ideas.  Each has its own personality that adds interest, character, and beauty to your photographic happening.  We began Fancy Couches with the desire to share craftsmanship and uniqueness of furniture from eras past.  This is hard to find in today’s furniture. The rental charge for our pieces covers 0- 24 hrs.  All of our inventory is expensive and fragile.  We only offer delivery and pick up. The rate is $2.00 per mile, one way for delivery from our warehouse location at 5204 N Rockwell Ave, Bethany, OK 73008. Pick up is free unless it is after 10pm. A $40 fee would be charged for after hour pick up. We would love to be involved in your creative process. Give us a call for a consultation, or to book a rental.

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*Drew Ketner





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